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Antistatic Silicone Rubber Rolls IT68S-AS

We have added an antistatic function to silicone rubber using our original processing technology without using carbon-based conductive filler.


  • Sheeting roll (for static electricity)


■Excellent heat resistance and mold releasability

Since the material is silicone rubber, it has excellent mold release effect and heat resistance.

■No carbon black added

Silicone rubber has an "antistatic" function without using carbon-based conductive fillers. Since no carbon black is used, there is no black color transfer to the product.

■Seamless processing

No processing traces such as seams that occur during general rubber molding. (except for high-strength compounding).

■Effective for static electricity

Silicone rubber has an "antistatic" function, so it will suppress the occurrence of contact charging of the film.

■Compound design suitable for each application


Compound Normal
Matte compound Mold releasable compound High
Durometer A
50~80 50~80 40~70 55~75
Rubber type RTV Silicone rubber HTV Silicone rubber
Appearance White White
Volume resistivity*
1011 or less

※Complies with JIS K 6271-2001 (Dual-ring electrode method)

Process examples

  • ■T-die sheeting process example

  • ■T-die laminating process example

  • ■Calendar sheeting process example

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