Mochida Corporation


Textile Business

Since the foundation, we have been developing business as a textile converter, from planning and development of textile materials to providing clothing accessory materials to innerwear and outerwear manufacturers, and planning and development of health and beauty products and household goods.
In 2019, we established Owa factory in Gunma Prefecture, and expanded our business by creating a new system that enables us to propose and supply low-cost, high-quality products through integrated production from resin foam manufacturing to final products.

Chemical Synthetic Products Business

Utilizing the technology and know-how of silicone rubber roll production, cultivated over half a century, we design, develop, and manufacture high-performance silicone rubber rolls to meet the various needs of film and sheet manufacturers.
We are aiming for higher value products and propose original compounding designs for each application.

Polymeric Compounds Business

We provide High value-added products centered on rubber and elastomer materials, ranging from industrial fields such as electrical and electronic equipment to household goods, making full use of sheet processing technology and compounding technology cultivated through many years of polymer research.

Striving to be a “small” Global Enterprise

As markets and industries encounter higher volatility, we will continue to provide quality and value to our customers by providing customer focused solutions.