Mochida Corporation

Super-high Mold Releasability Silicone Rubber Roll Rolls IT68S-ER

We have developed a highly releasable silicone rubber roll that is superior in non-adhensiveness compared to conventional silicone rubber rolls by applying an uneven shape to the roll base material using our unique manufacturing technology (Patent No.4317827).


  • Guide roll for adhesive tape production line


■Most excellent mold releasability

The surface of the roll is given a gritty texture reducing the contact area of the film.
This dramatically improves the mold release effect of the roll.

■No need to wrap or replace embossed

In the adhesive tape production line where embossed tape is wound around the roll base material, the trouble of winding and replacing the tape is eliminated. Problems such as the tape becoming misaligned during use that occurs with embossed tape winding rolls is eliminated.

Reason for excellent mold release effect

A general-purpose guide roll makes surface contact with the film. However, since IT68S-ER has a gritter texture on the roll surface, it makes contact with the film with dots. Therefore, the contact area with the film is reduced and the release effect of the roll is improved.

  • Surface contact

    General-purpose guide roll
  • Point contact


Roll surface

  • ■Uneven shape: small
  • ■Uneven shape: large

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