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Laser Engraving Silicone Rubber Rolls IT68S-Laser engraving roll

Any pattern can be engraved on the silicone rubber with a laser.


  • Embossed roll


■Excellent mold releasability and heat resistance

Since the material is silicone rubber, it has the properties of mold release effect and heat resistance.

■Easy to change the pattern

Patterns can be changed efficiently by rewinding the rubber. As a result, it can be used as an alternative to expensive metal engraving rolls.

■Seamless processing

No processing traces such as seams that occur during general rubber molding.

■Easy to clean

Because of the excellent mold release effect of the rubber, it prevents adhesion of additives from films or other impurities, so it is easy to clean.

Example of sculpture reference

Process examples

  • ■T-die sheeting process example

  • ■Embosser process example

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