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RTV Silicone Rubber Rolls IT68S-Matte

The roll is lined with silicone rubber RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing).
Allows adjustment of surface roughness depending on your application.


  • Sheeting roll
  • Embossed roll
  • Embossed back roll


■Seamless processing

No processing traces such as seams that occur during general rubber molding.

■Liquid RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone rubber

■Compound design suitable for each application

■Excellent mold releasability and heat resistance

Since the material is silicone rubber, it has excellent mold release effect and heat resistance.


Base material (metal core)

Intermediate layer : IT68S-H or Synthetic rubber

Outer layer : IT68S-Smooth

Metal core bar can be bonded as is or can be bonded with a synthetic rubber (EPT/NBR) layer.
New surface layer re-installation is available (rewinding).

Standard of surface roughness

Particle size IT68S-Smooth ♯240 ♯280 ♯320 ♯400 ♯500
Surface roughness (Ra) 1.2±0.5μm 5.0±2μm 4.5±2μm 4.0±2μm 3.0±1μm 2.5±1μm
Particle size ♯600 ♯700 ♯800 ♯1000 ♯1200 ♯1500
Surface roughness (Ra) 2.0±1μm 1.8±0.5μm 1.5±0.5μm 1.3±0.5μm 1.3±0.5μm 1.3±0.5μm
※Complies with JIS B 0601

Process examples

  • ■T-die sheeting process example

  • ■T-die laminating process example

  • ■Embosser process example

  • ■Calendar sheeting process example

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