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Silicone Mirror Rubber Rolls IT68S-Mirror

We have succeeded in imparting "gloss effect" and "mirror effect" to the roll surface with our original processing technology. This makes it possible to make a highly transparent film even though it is a rubber roll.


  • Highly transparent / semi matte film sheeting roll


■Mirror roll

Although it is a rubber roll, it has a “mirror finish”, so it is possible to make a highly transparent film.

■Seamless processing

No processing traces such as seams that occur during general rubber molding.

■Specular gloss can be adjusted
(MG mirror only)

You can adjust the glossiness according to your needs.

■Excellent mold releasability and heat resistance

Since the material is silicone rubber, it has excellent mold release effect and heat resistance.

■Processing on various base material

Our original compound enables processing on various industrial rolls, including metals and synthetic rubbers (EPT/NBR), etc.

Roll type

MG mirror
MW mirror
MCG mirror

Roll surface

  • ■Surface of MG mirror
  • ■Surface of MW mirror
  • ■Surface of MCG mirror


Roll type MG mirror MW mirror MCG mirror
Glossiness (%) 10~60 65~75 65~75
Durometer A
40~85 40~85 50~85

※The above data is not the standard values.
※JIS Z 8741 “Specular glossiness−Methods of measurement: specular gloss at angles of 60°

Process examples

  • ■T-die sheeting process example

  • ■T-die laminating process example

  • ■Calendar sheeting process example

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