Mochida Corporation

Elastic Metal Rolls IT68S-Sleeve

A metal sleeve is coated on an elastic roll using our unique processing technology. Due to the hybrid structure, it has become possible to use it as an elastic roll while maintaining the characteristics of a metal surface.


  • Transparent film sheeting roll


■Excellent wear resistance

The metal surface has better wear resistance at the edges of film than rubber rolls.

■Elastic metal roll

We created a hybrid structure with an elastic roll covered by a metal sleeve. The result is a roll with characteristics of metal and elastic.

■Excellent specularity

Excellent specularity to mirror level is achieved by a special polishing finish

Roll type


Surface roughness

Compound Mirror type Matte type
Surface roughness (Ra) 0.03μm or less(0.3S or less) 1.0μm or less


Base material (metal core)



Chrome plated

Process examples

  • ■T-die sheeting process example

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