Mochida Corporation

Soft Touch Silicone Rubber Rolls IT68S-SS

This is a silicone rubber that has been processed and foamed into a base material using our unique method.


  • Touch roll


■Excellent heat resistance.

Since the change in physical properties due to heat is less than that of synthetic rubber, it can be used under heating conditions.

■Soft touch

Because it deforms with light pressure, it can be in close contact with film without applying unnecessary force.

■Seamless processing

No processing traces such as seams that occur during general rubber molding.

■Weight saving

Because the rubber has been foamed the weight is reduced.


Compound Low hardness compound Standard hardness compound High hardness compound
Durometer A
20 30 40
JIS K 6271-2001 (Dual-ring electrode method).

Process examples

  • ■T-die sheeting process example

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