Mochida Corporation

Mochida Pleats Works Co., Ltd.

As a leading company in the pleat industry in Japan, we have received high praise for our planning and technical ability to make products that combine various well-equipped facilities since our foundation in 1956.
In addition to producing pleats that meet the needs of the users, we constantly plan and propose new pleats through market research. We deliver the products with proven technology as confidently as we do for our original high quality products.

Three strengths

  • 1:A integrated production system that can consistently perform cutting, pleating, sewing, press inspection, and shipping
  • 2:Quick response to customer's requests achieving short delivery time
  • 3:Quality control by special inspection staff


■Pleats processing

General clothing including children's clothing,
school uniforms and women's clothing

■Apparel product manufacturer

Manufacture of skirts, blouses, dresses, etc.

Corporate Profile

Founded June 1956
Incorporated September 1964
Capital 10 Million yen
Directors Executive President Katsuo Kobayashi
Headquarters 4-39-1 Maekawa, kawaguchi-shi, Saitama 333-0842 Japan