Mochida Corporation

Material development

We always carry out marketing that captures the needs of our customers, and strive to develop and sell new products and develop new markets. We use lightweight, zero-water-absorbing polypropylene materials, products that use deodorant fibers using special processing, and resin foam-related products, and working on materials and products that support our customers' comfortable living.

Functional materials and products

We propose new functional materials and products that satisfy our customers. We make materials and products that support our customers' comfortable living with a focus on lightweight, zero-water-absorbent polypropylene materials and deodorized fiber materials using the graft polymerization method.

Apparel secondary materials

We work closely with apparel manufacturers to accurately read products that meet the needs of generations, and make a total proposal for a variety of secondary materials for apparel such as interlinings, functional materials, and secondary processed products.
In this industry that demands a wide variety of materials and designs, we respond to customers’ demands based on the know-how cultivated together with professional manufacturers and propose value-added products that other companies do not have.

Safety-related materials/products

We are focusing on safety belts. We have developed the content that meets the needs of our customers, focusing on the supply of materials with uniqueness by adding functionality such as expansion, deodorization and flame resistance, as well as the strength required for safety.

Foot care related

We sell and develop products that demand the essence of health based on the needs of an upcoming aging society.
Silk hard sponge with natural protein and silk protein that exceeds chemistry prevents rust and black spots and softens the skin.
Walking supporter is a product that firmly fixes the loose metatarsal joint that causes hallux valgus and brings the hallux closer to its original position.

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