Mochida Corporation

Innerwear materials / products

We supply lamination of inside material of brassiere cups using non-woven fabrics and cotton tricots, and molded bra cups, pads and molded innerwear products using resin foams based on proprietary technologies as the main products to the innerwear manufacturers throughout the country.


Our main product is the lamination of the inside materials of brassiere (tricots and non-woven fabrics). We have Laminating machines in Japan and overseas and offer products (fabrics and non-woven fabrics / urethanes) that are suitable for processing and required functions at locations that meet the needs of inner apparel manufacturers.

Molded brassiere cup / bust pad

We manufacture and sell molded brassiere cups and bust pads that use new types of nonwoven fabric as post urethane.

Molded products

We plan and propose molding knitting, which is called “full fashion”, a method of knitting each part such as the front, back body, and sleeves according to the pattern while increasing or decreasing the stitches with a three-dimensional knitting machine. There are few seams, and it is possible to commercialize the product as close to no sewing as possible.

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