Mochida Corporation

Life / Industry / Industrial materials

Utilizing domestic and overseas networks, we offer a wide range of materials and products from industry/industrial materials to daily life materials.
We procure and process materials for various industrial materials such as textile materials and narrow belt materials mainly for helmet interior materials and hook-and-loop fastener applications and handle various packaging materials that have been subjected to secondary processing and gather nonwoven fabric manufacturer materials such as spunbond as main material.

Industrial and safety-related materials

We supply a wide range of products from helmet interior materials, various textile materials/narrow belt materials such as synthetic fiber tricots (French pile) as main, materials for industrial materials, etc. to various processing such as cutting, punching and sewing.
We have also established a processing system in Japan that can handle aramid fibers and provide various materials and processing to the safety industry.

Life materials

We procure and provide materials from domestic and overseas manufacturers focusing on spunbond nonwovens.
By processing such as ultrasonic welding, cutting, sewing and printing, we manufacture and sell various products such as flat bags, handbags, cold bags and drawstring bags for a wide range of fields such as packing materials, apparel-related materials, wrapping materials, and food-related packaging materials.

Industrial materials and others

We procure various textile materials such as abrasive cloth materials, bundling materials, supporter materials, tricots, fabrics, knits and other industrial materials using hook-and-loop fastener materials.
We provide materials and products in a wide variety of fields such as civil engineering materials manufacturing, silicone resin molding and laminating.

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